Termite Awareness

National Termite Awareness Week

March 13-19 is Termite Awareness Week. One reason Termite Awareness Week takes place in March every year is because March is the month when people in many states, including Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana start seeing termite swarmers, or the winged termites. They become even more prevalent in April and May.

Termite Swarmer
Susan Ellis, Bugwood.org

These winged termites, or alates, are the reproductive caste members of the termite colony. They typically swarm on warm, sunny days in the Greater Cincinnati are, by the hundreds or the thousands, causing panic to homeowners and businesses. The swarmers look very similar to winged ants.

Therefore, when the swarm occurs, more calls are made to pest management professionals in the months of March, April and May than any other months of the year.

Should you see a swarm in your home or business, do not hesitate to call High Rock Pest Solutions. We will come to your home or business and inspect for free. In doing so, we will determine if the swarmers are winged termites, winged ants or another pest. We do this because proper identification is imperative. After the inspection, should you need treatment, we will come up with a plan to protect your home from the pest.

The plan will involve a treatment tailored specifically to the pest, whether it is termites, carpenter ants, or some other pest. First, however, we must properly identify and inspect the structure.

Should you have a termite swarm, High Rock Pest Solutions offers a termite baiting program using the Advance Termite Baiting System. The advantage of using this system is that it is an effective, environmentally-friendly system, whereby termites find the active ingredient and take it back to the colony where they feed it to the queen termites and other termites in the colony.


Therefore, there is no need to drill into slabs around the structure. Instead, the bait stations are strategically placed around the structure in the soil, where termites find the stations. The termites mark the trail to the station with a scent, or a pheromone, telling other termites where the “food” source can be found. This strategic method of baiting leads to control and sometimes total elimination of the termite colony.

Even if you have not seen any evidence of termites in and around your home or place of business, it is always a good idea to have it inspected for termites on a regular basis, especially if your home is more than ten years old. Contact High Rock Pest Solutions now for a free inspection. We will make a thorough inspection of the structure and give you an honest assessment.

termite-ant comparison
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