Pest Library

Welcome to High Rock Pest Solutions’ Pest Library! This section gives information on common pests in Ohio. Check back in the near future, as we will be updating and expanding this site on a regular basis.


antsThere are over 12,000 species of ants in the world. However, only a few affect homes and businesses in Ohio. Some are nuisance ants, while other ants, such as carpenter ants, can be quite destructive to structures. Learn more about about some common ants in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Bed Bugs

hr_bed_bugs_mediumIf you live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, you no doubt have heard much about bed bugs! Bed bugs are excellent hitch hikers, traveling in furniture, luggage, purses, and on people as they move from place to place. Learn more about bed bugs and how High Rock Pest Solutions can evict them from your home!

Bees and Wasps

beesWhile bees and wasps can be beneficial to the environment (honey bees, for example), many can pose a threat to humans. Some pose no threat at all, such as the mud dauber. Many wasps and hornets found in or near structures should be removed immediately. Learn more about social wasps.


beetlesThere are over 350,000 different species of beetles in the world.  While most of them do not pose a threat, many that enter the home, such as carpet beetles and stored product beetles can be quite a nuisance.  Learn also about lady asian beetles, aka “Lady Bugs.” Read more.


cockroachesAmong the many cockroach species, the german cockroach poses the the largest threat, as it has both the ability to easily survive and quickly multiply.  Moreover, cockroaches carry diseases, and should always be eliminated from homes and businesses.  Read more about german cockroaches.

Mice and Rats

hr_pest_house-mouse_0_mediumMice and rats also pose health issues, as they also are carriers of disease. Two common pests in Ohio are the house mouse and the Norway rat. Learn more.