Bed Bug
Bed Bug

Bed Bug

Bed Bugs

The adult bed bug is oval shaped, 3/16′ long, and a rusty brown colour. The bed bug is completely flat but becomes elongated as it fills with blood.


Scientific Name
Cimex Lectularius

The female bed bug can lay one to five eggs per day and 200-500 in her lifetime. The eggs hatch in the span of about 7 days and moults 5 times, taking a blood meal between each moult. Development time from egg to adult takes about 21 days.

Bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices during the day and will leave its harbourage area at night to feed on its hosts. The blood meal takes about 3-10 minutes to complete and usually goes without notice to the host. After feeding, the bed bug bite may become inflamed and itchy.

A thorough inspection is necessary in order to locate the harbourage areas. Vacuuming the harbourage areas will help collect the eggs and live bed bugs, followed by a treatment with a residual pesticide. Dusts can be used in void spaces such as behind electrical face plates.